Model Building


This skill is about building a scale model.

First we will look at the tools a craftsman uses for this and in the second part we will explain the successive operations on the basis of an example:

Tools and equipment that the craftsman uses for model building:

Woodworking machines
When building a scale model identical woodworking machines are used as for building a real boat.

Hand tools
Chisels, marking equipment, measuring equipment, shears, etc. Workbench with adequate lighting and a vice.

Planes, carpenter’s squares

Wood saws and hacksaws, spirit level.


A number of successive steps during model building:

  • The first step when building a scale model is to make a rough block (image 1). The details for making this block can be taken from a boat plan.

  • Boat plan with all dimensions and proportions (image 2). The rough block is shaped by an experienced model builder. After all, the shape forms the basis for all further work.

  • For larger models or for a larger scale only the stem post and the stern post are developed in block form. A number of temporary bulkheads are placed between the stem post and the stern post (image 3). Making a main frame (image 4).

  • Once the hull is shaped the jig or template is removed. The frame timbers are now fitted: frames, knees and floor timbers (image 5).

  • The model is finished further (image 6). Rudder, leeboards, mast, fittings, winches, stays, running rigging are fitted. The model is also painted in traditional colours.

  • Example of the detailed finishing (image 7, 8 & 9). The model builder solders the fittings around the mast peak.
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Tools Required

  • Woodworking machines
  • Hand tools
  • Planes
  • Saws

Materials Required

None applicable