Selecting Timber


The material available to build traditional wooden vessels is always key to the success of the build. Materials have a wide ranging impact on the build process and the finished boat. The design of the structure, the way they work, the techniques required to use them and how they are finished and maintained are all factors which the traditional boatbuilder must consider when choosing the most suitable material.

Through a working life, detailed experience of wood and how to select and use it is built up. So the aim of this section is to just to have a discussion based on the experience of a skilled boatbuilder around the subject of timber selection.

The conversation with the traditional boat builder, Marcus Lewis, is unscripted and covers the topic of selecting timber from his experience.

Video Content

Part 1:

  • Keel
  • Transom
  • Planking and grain orientation
  • Softwoods
  • Discussion on sawing timber

Part 2:

  • Discussion on sawing timber continued
  • Planking again
  • Mahogany ~ aspects of a plank and its uses
  • Defects in wood

Part 3:

  • The stem (grown and laminated)

Part 4:

  • Knees
  • Ribs or frames of the boat
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