Tool Maintenance


Tools have to be in excellent condition in order to be used properly. Good maintenance will make the work easier.

First we will look at the equipment the craftsman uses for this and in the second part a number of examples are provided:

Tools and equipment that the craftsman uses for maintaining hand tools:

Cutting tools

The various chisels and cutting tools are sharpened using a grinding stone. After rough sharpening they are finish sharpened on an oiled whetstone or oilstone. They are "whetted". A whetstone generally has a coarse and a fine side.

Saw setting pliers
These pliers are used to set the angles of the saw teeth to the correct shape.


A few examples of hand tools being maintained:

  • Maintaining tools is a time consuming activity. All tools requiring maintenance are collected together first.

  • In the photograph on the right a chisel is being sharpened on a rotating grinding stone. During grinding the grinding stone is cooled by allowing it to run through a trough of water. After rough sharpening the chisel is sharpened further on a whetstone. The chisel is first processed on the coarse side of the stone and then on the fine side. The stone is coated a few times during whetting with paraffin or leftover oil. Plane blades are also sharpened in the same way.

  • When a saw is used the saw teeth become blunt and the correct angle is lost. The pliers are used to reset the correct angle of each tooth. The edges are then sharpened using the file.
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Tools Required

  • Chisels & Saw Blades
  • Cutting Tools
  • Saw Setting Pliers
  • Whetstone

Materials Required

None applicable