Measuring a Frame


When a frame has to be replaced measurements need to be taken. The boat drawing can provide an indication, however, this is often lacking or the shape of the skin has changed due to use.

Tool for measuring a frame

Measuring jig
The boat repairer has developed a jig which allows him to determine every curvature. The jig can be used on all types of boats. By fitting a number of sliding laths to a fixed lath at right angles it is possible to obtain a detailed measurement of every curvature. This saves an enormous amount of time. The alternative is to make a jig exclusively for each new measurement.


How to measure a frame

  • The photograph on the right shows a boat undergoing restoration. Amongst other things, several frames have to be replaced.

  • The measuring jig is placed in the correct position

  • By sliding the moveable laths on the main lath towards the hull of the boat the end of the laths will follow the shape of the hull.

  • The laths are secured so that the measurement is fixed.

  • The measuring jig can be removed once the laths have been secured. The curvature of the hull is retained by the jig and can be transferred to the workbench.

  • The ship repairer has developed a workbench on which he can make out all bends and curves using a system of sliders.

  • The measuring jig is placed onto the workbench.

  • The sliding pegs on the workbench are slid into position to follow the curvature on the measuring jig. The sliding pegs are then secured.

  • Once the measuring jig is removed the workbench is ready for forming a streamed or heat-formed plank.
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Tools Required

  • Measuring jig

Materials Required

None applicable