Re-Launch of the Restored St. Peter


On 30 April 2012 the organization De Scute in Blankenberge re-launched the legendary Blankenbergse barge St. Peter which was restored by volunteers of the association. The Scute was rebuilt from 1992 to 1999, as a monument to remind us that Blankenberge until the 19th century was a fishing community. But in the 19th century the Blankenbergse population were no longer dependent on fishing for their income, the tourist industry soon took over. The many boats that always lain on the beach because Blankenberge had no harbor, were now cleared to make space for beach-huts.

The B1 St. Peter has been a sought after attraction at historic ship events for 5 years. Her last trip was Sail Amsterdam in 2005. Then there was need for an urgent and thorough renovation. The elm boards of the hull were completely broken due to the famous elm disease. It was a very heavy and expensive process for the voluntary association of shipbuilders, The Scute. They replaced all of the elm and oak planks during the five years of voluntary work, the result can be seen.

This was a well-attended promotional launch of the Interreg project “Traditional Maritime Skills”.



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