Launch of Largest Wooden UK Lugger Built for 200 Years

A young couple from Cornwall have just launched the largest wooden lugger built for 200 years.

Detailed recordings were made of the traditional skills used to build of the three-masted 108ft traditional lugger, called Grayhound. These videos, plus images and interviews, form part of the TMS project’s free online learning tool that will help preserve the industry’s heritage for future generations.

Hundreds of supporters and well-wishers came to watch at the Grayhound lugger launch into the sea in Milbrook, South Cornwall, on a sunny August weekend. They witnessed the culmination of blood, sweat and tears, financial risk and a long struggle by a team of dedicated men and women to painstakingly re-create a piece of maritime history.

It was a momentous day for owners Marcus Rowling and Freya Hart. The team inched Grayhound down the slipway from mid afternoon amid building tension. There was genuine uncertainty whether she would make it to the water and the big debate was would the tide be high enough to float her off. The local ferry sailed around to help haul, and the prayers of everyone in the crowd willed Grayhound off the slipway…..and then she floated into the sea and she was off to a great cheer and singing.

Three lofty masks raked at an angle, a bowsprit and bumpkin (spar at the stern)could now be seen in full glory as Grayhound gave a ‘parade of sail’.

Grayhound will be hosting paying guests for day sails and longer voyages from May 2013. For further details email, call 01872 580022 or visit


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