Tolerant Rupelmonde


11-12-13 may 2012

Three days celebrated the association Tolerant Rupelmonde in the construction of new piers in the river Scheldt. The pilot allowed the construction of the stallion Pegasus be viewed and had an exhibition of the Belgian Marine Painters site. Friday night, went well with great interest in the presentation of [...]

Re-Launch of the Restored St. Peter


On 30 April 2012 the organization De Scute in Blankenberge re-launched the legendary Blankenbergse barge St. Peter which was restored by volunteers of the association. The Scute was rebuilt from 1992 to 1999, as a monument to remind us that Blankenberge until the 19th century was a fishing community. But in the [...]

Maritime Professions Mapped Out


With the disappearance of maritime professions into oblivion. Do you have the skills that all shipbuilders should have..?


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Boot Magazine, feb-mar 2012




The Shipyards Baasrode, opening of the new museum season


31st March 2012

The Shipyards Baasrode, the site for excellence in maritime heritage in Flanders, had on Saturday March 31 the opening of the new museum season. The historical boatyard in Van Praet (where until 1986 iron ships were built and restored) promoted the Interreg project “Traditional Maritime Skills”. The many attendees [...]

Belgian Boat Show

11th, 12th, 13th Febraury 2012 17th, 18th, 19th February 2012

In February this year more than 26,000 maritime enthusiasts travelled to Belgium’s exhibition halls of Flanders Expo in Ghent for the 24th Belgian Boat Show.

A dedicated ‘Monumentenwacht Heritage Afloat’ stand had a whole section reserved for the promotion of the EU Interreg [...]

(Belgium) The growing interest in maritime heritage


The growing interest in maritime heritage

It goes without saying that the maritime heritage in Flanders is on the rise. In the Netherlands this has already been the case for a long time, with almost every inhabitant owning a boat lying in his backyard…




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(Netherlands) Traditional Maritime Skills Mapped out for Future Generations


Baasrode – The location of the former Naval Van-Damme and Van Praet-Dansaert was legally protected in 1993 as a village view with five monuments. Today sounds again the robust sound of traditional tools, and it looks real enthusiastic volunteers build ships. Ambrosuis (Broos) Colman explains why exactly Monumentenwacht Heritage Afloat at this [...]

Ruimschoots Article


The so-called 2 Seas area (English Channel and the southern part of the North Sea), has launched a European Inerreg programme that includes northern France (Nord-Pas de Calais), Flanders and Zealand on this side of the Channel and the entire southern coastal area of Great Britain, from Cornwall to Norfolk on the [...]

Cornish Wooden Boatbuilder Revives Classic Mayflower

Cornish wooden boatbuilder Marcus Lewis is this week launching his beautiful Mayflower dinghy, marking the exciting revival of a classic gunter rigged design.

The newly-built 14ft dinghy will be unveiled at the Southampton Boatshow’s Wooden Boatbuilders Association stand.

Marcus spent the summer painstakingly replicating the original designs at his Fowey boatyard and he is [...]

Cornwall Marine Network Takes European Partners to Visit Cornish Traditional Boatbuilders

Cornwall Marine Network (CMN) hosted partners from Belgium and the Netherlands last week to visit key Cornish traditional boat builders and discuss how they can benefit from the EU funded Traditional Maritime Skills project.

Mashfords in Cremyll, and Mylor Yacht harbour, both boatyards involved in building, repairing and maintaining wooden vessels were visited as [...]